QPR Request Form

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The cost for businesses and organizations is $10 per session plus an additional $5 per trainee. This fee covers the cost of the materials and allows The Pete Foundation to continue this program, while also providing free or low-cost workshops to under served populations or groups in need. Your organization will be billed after the workshop(s) is/are completed depending on the number of trainees that attended.


In order to request a workshop for your organization, you must be able to provide the following provisions:

  • There is an 8 person minimum per workshop.

  • A room with enough chairs and/or tables to seat 8-35 people.

  • A screen and/or projector that is capable of displaying a PowerPoint presentation and video.

Training session information

The workshop will include the following:

  • A 90-minute training session in a classroom setting for no more than 35 trainees at a time

  • 1-2 β€œpractice sessions”

  • An official QPR Gatekeeper certification for all trainees upon completing the workshop

  • An official QPR booklet that recaps the workshop for all trainees

  • A local and national resource guide for all trainees 

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