Design the Official Poster for PeteFest 2020

A Contest Open to KY Students in Grades 5 through 12

Objective: The PeteFest Poster will be used to advertise and announce the 2020 PeteFest Music Festival in Louisville, KY. This festival is an annual event produced by The Pete Foundation with the objective to raise awareness of mental illness as it affects adolescent children in our community, and to “stomp” the stigma surrounding mental illness. PeteFest is by all measures a joyful, exciting, family-friendly music festival with a lineup of local artists, food trucks, camping, and activities, and is located on a nature preserve in Jefferson County. The 3-day event carries a strong theme of awareness for suicide prevention and mental wellness.

Prizes: The first-place winner will receive $150; the second-place winner will receive $100 and the third-place winner will receive $50.

Deadline to enter: Friday, May 31, 2019

Winner will be announced: November 2019. Contestants will receive an invitation to an event in which the poster will be unveiled and prizes awarded.

Enter and submit using the button below. For artwork not created in a digital or vector format, a photo image of the art is appropriate for submittal.

Design Elements (Necessary components to the poster design that must be included for any winning entry):

  • An elephant

  • A rock or piece of earth

  • Green striping

  • Event name: PeteFest Music Festival

  • Date of the Event: September 4th-6th, 2020

  • Location: Jones’ Fields 8401 Dawson Hill Road, Louisville, Kentucky

  • The website address:

Additional components that the artist may include, or The Foundation will add are:

  • Space sufficient for the addition of the band line-up and 4 sponsor logos. This space requirement is between 40% and 45% of the poster area.

Scroll down to view past years’ winning art pieces and final posters to get a better idea of the layout and spacing of design elements.

Contest Specifications:

  • Do not sign your work. Rather, submit the “PeteFest Artist Submittal Form”.

  • The entry must be in a vertical format - 8”x12” or 12”x16”

  • The entry submitted must be suitable for conversion to a vector format digital file by The Foundation.

  • Students may collaborate on the poster, however, each poster must be the original work of the student(s) submitting; including the poster concept, design and all elements. If elements of the poster are taken from already existing work, or art in the public domain, our graphic designer will not accept the submission. Be careful that the work is original to the student(s) submitting. Images lifted from the internet will not be accepted.

  • Do NOT publish your submitted poster on Facebook or other social media.

  • Posters will be judged on overall design, artistic merit, and suitability as a visual image for the final PeteFest poster.

  • Judges’ decisions are final.

  • By submitting an entry, the student releases all rights to the poster and its image, and agrees that the art becomes the property of The Pete Foundation. The Foundation reserves all rights to its use, reproduction, distribution, and alteration. The artist understands that the Foundation may use the winning work exactly as submitted or as inspiration of the final poster image (The Foundation may adapt the student’s artwork to any extent deemed necessary by the PeteFest Poster Committee).

  • The Pete Foundation will give credit to the artist on any posters reproduced for distribution, unless instructed otherwise by the artist.

Here are some entries from previous Poster Competitions:

Here's 2018 Finalized Poster: