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Rally communities to champion youth mental health and wellness through normalizing the topic, promoting education and providing tools for healthy emotional development.


Ensure healthy emotional lives for youth.


We are a community of vested individuals on a mission to empower today’s youth in their pursuit of a happy, mentally healthy life, free from the internal conflict and confusion brought on by depression and anxiety.  Changes in the way society views and accepts mental illness allow us to understand our personal struggles and give us the means to seek support.  In targeting today’s youth, we will achieve our goal through open communication, cooperation, and understanding of these issues within families, communities, and nations for tomorrow.

The Jones Family created The Pete Foundation for Depression Prevention after their beloved Pete took his life at the age of 23 on December 9, 2016.  It was a day of tragedy and disbelief that so many families around the world have endured.  The Jones Family decided to invest their efforts toward ensuring that no person would have to suffer silently in the way Pete suffered for 10 years.  It struck them that Pete was only able to convey the depth of his pain in a letter discovered after his death.

It is the belief of The Pete Foundation that if individuals are able to talk about depression and anxiety with understanding and acceptance, the path that all too often leads to suicide can be thwarted.